Where Tax Hike Mitt Went Wrong

Mitt Romney has a good record of making companies profitable. He knows tax cuts help the economy. Mitt’s biggest mistake as Governor of Massachusetts was moving too fast. You can’t take out your ax and start chopping; shutting down the government while you do the renovation. He did not just cut frivolous spending. He also cut funding of actual necessities (such as first responders); which caused higher real estate and local taxes. His added fees hurt his constituents. Massachusetts’ loss of manufacturing jobs was among the top in the nation. During our booming economy, Massachusetts’ jobs increased at a much slower rate than the majority of the nation. These are among the mistakes that caused people in Massachusetts to work 2 weeks longer to fund less government under Mitt’s poor leadership. He left a huge deficit in spite of tax and funding cuts. “Tax Freedom Day” was April 23, 2003 after his first year in office and May 6, 2007 after his last year in office. http://www.taxfoundation.org/research/show/22328.html

If someone points out something Mitt changed his views on; he denies it; even if it’s true. I saw the video where he really did imply he supported a secret withdrawal time from Iraq. Everyone knows Washington can’t keep “secrets.” While in Michigan, Mitt said the government shouldn’t put higher emissions standards on automakers; even though that’s what he did as Governor. Mitt says he balanced the budget when he really left a huge deficit. He’ll say anything to win. These are more of those signs that say, “Danger! Romney ahead!”

The main stream media is holding back while licking their chops. Hoping Republicans are ignorant enough to nominate Romney. Then they can report the dirt on Mitt shortly before the general election. Conservative media and talk show hosts are giving Mitt a free pass for the manufacturing job losses in Massachusetts, his consistent flip flopping, Bain Capital’s weapons deal with China and Clear Channel connections, etc.; hoping they can help their “money man” win. Some have even gone so far as to falsely report that Huckabee was pulling out of Florida and hinting he was quitting the race. That lie helped Romney get more social conservative votes when Hunter and Thompson dropped out.

Mitt has a history of saying anything to get elected. He has a history of appointing liberal judges. His approval rating was 48% when he left office. Which means; he had a 52% disapproval rating among those who know him best. Mitt’s walk talks louder than his talk talks. If Romney wins the nomination, when these facts get out; it will cause the GOP to lose the general election.

Romney should follow Ken Hendricks example; restoring abandoned buildings and factories creating jobs in America. The story of how Hendricks earned his fortune is amazing! His entire community mourns his death. I pray Hendricks’ family can continue his legacy. If Romney really wants what’s best for America and the GOP; he will get out of the race. He should get back in the private sector doing what he is best at.

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Did Rush inadvertently reveal why he hates Huckabee?

Rush says “McCain or Huckabee nomination will ruin the Republican Party.” Rush says Huckabee is not a fiscal conservative and consistently complains about Huckabee’s populism. Last week some of Rush’s listeners found out why Rush hates Huckabee so much. When discussing the rebates to stimulate the economy; Rush said the majority of his listeners won’t receive rebates. (FYI: Those that won’t receive rebates earn more than $87,000 for those filling single or $174,000 for those filling jointly.) Huckabee believe workers should be paid decent wages and wants to eliminate corporate greed. Huckabee’s populist message isn’t directed to the wealthy, elite listeners Rush panders toward.

“We the people” want to know; what is wrong with a Presidential candidate being a populist? (FYI: populist means “a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people.”)

“We the people” that want a consistent social and fiscal conservative will vote for our “populist” conservative candidate, Mike Huckabee. We get more for our buck with Huck. Search mikehuckabee.com for yourselves. Don’t trust the elitist pandering media.

Watch for follow up project, “Where Tax Hike Mitt Went Wrong.”

Goodbye, Rush, Hannity, Ingram, Coulter, Beck, etc. We used to think you were talking to us.


Granny T

(Your former, lower income, conservative listener)

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