Who Should We Blame?

Environmentalists are complaining about pollution and “global warming.” Everyone is complaining about high energy prices. Christians are complaining about the moral decay of America. As in the phrase, “Thou dost protest too much;” those crying the loudest could be the ones most at fault.

What are environmentalists doing that could possibly cause pollution and what they call “global warming?” America has the technology and some of the strictest laws for pumping and refining oil environmentally friendly; yet we are supplying very little oil. Oil companies are willing to compromise to keep wildlife safe. Yet, the environmentalists and the politicians they have boughten won’t let us drill or refine here. Therefore, other countries are producing our energy needs causing even more global pollution.

All of us can do something to help with the high energy prices. Some analyst believe oil prices will fall immediately if Congress passes laws allowing new oil wells and refineries to be built in our United States and off our shores. Let’s contact our Congressmen and tell them to do their jobs and pass laws to responsibly drill and refine at home. We should be drilling and refining at the same time we are working on new energy possibilities. We should get our autos tuned up, oil changed, tires inflated properly, and slow down. During the “oil shortage” we had a national maximum speed limit that was lifted when it was no longer needed. Discussion should be encouraged to decide whether or not it helped enough to do it again until new technology is implemented. We can also set thermostats higher in the summer and lower in the winter. Use fans to replace and/or supplement air conditioning.

What are we Christians doing wrong that could cause moral decay? I place the largest part of that blame on leaders that are either sissies or hypocrites. Mike Huckabee has said we shouldn’t compromise our principles for some one else’s politics. Yet, many preachers have quit preaching biblical principles because of political “correctness.” Americans are losing our religious freedom because of that failure. “If you don’t use it; you lose it.” Some of our spiritual leaders have been hypocritical during election times. They have enough backbone to preach against sin; but then support candidates that were either openly against or inconsistent in those same moral values.

God told us how to fix America in the Bible. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV) “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” God doesn’t say He’ll hear, forgive and heal if non-God fearing people “turn from their wicked ways.” What happens to our land depends on those of us that belong to Him. It is us that needs to humble ourselves, pray, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Then He will “hear from heaven, and will forgive [our] sin, and will heal [our] land.” Most of God’s promises are conditional; which means God will do something if we do what He tells us to. If we want America fixed we better get our own selves right first; then unite and work together to fix the rest of Americas’ problems.

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The Sheepbellion

I’m writing this article to address some issues in an “Exclusive interview with Mark DeMoss.” http://tinyurl.com/5zz86d Mr. DeMoss said he hasn’t been receiving many e-mails about the elections lately. “It’s just very quiet. It could meant there’s a real sense of apathy or it could mean they’re’ waiting for the general election to begin. But it’s a surprise, given the way email networks work now.”

Later in the interview he said, “And there’s this fascination with Barack Obama. So I will not be surprised if he gets one third of the evangelical vote. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 40-percent.”

1. Why aren’t evangelicals e-mailing about political concerns?

Many of us are still in shock. We cannot believe that after years of preaching to vote our Bibles; many of our “shepherds” were leading us in the wrong directions. Some supported openly pro-abortion pro-homosexual candidates. Others supported candidates with a history of supporting pro-homosexual and pro-abortion agendas; expecting us to just trust that their conveniently timed “conversion” to moral values was genuine. Some of them literally sold out for a chair and a promise of a seat at the rich mans table. Do you really wonder why the “sheep” are no longer looking to those people for advice? Especially, since there was a candidate with a 100% pro-moral values record to choose from instead.

2. Why are so many evangelicals supporting and voting for Obama?

Many of the “sheep” aren’t as grounded in the Scriptures as others. But, they probably heard about some of the other candidates’ records of weaknesses on moral values or flip flops. Why were we told we shouldn’t vote for Kerry because his pro-abortion and pro-homosexual views were wrong and then told to vote for Rudy? Why were we told Kerry’s record of flip flops was a good reason not to vote for him and then told to vote for Romney? Wouldn’t some consider that hypocritical? Why wouldn’t ungrounded sheep fall for Obama’s message not even realizing he had “changed” God’s true message of “faith, hope, and charity” to “Hope – Faith – Change”?

Not all of the voters did the research and knew about Huckabee’s consistent record or the lies conservative talk show hosts, Thompson, Romney, and the Club for Growth, were spreading. Many of us were faithful FOXNEWS watchers before we realized how biased they were against Huckabee. If America elects Obama; it will be partly due to the problems caused by our “leaders” leading in the wrong direction.

Many values conservative are lower income wage earners. “We the people” want someone with moral values that is willing to listen to us. Read my blog article, “Reagan’s 4 legged elephant landslide victory” to see what it takes for Republican victories.

3. Is there really a sense of apathy or silence?

Some of us sheep are trying to lead the charge to “change” things in the right direction. You might be surprised at how much is really going on in our grassroots effort. Visit http://www.huckpac.com/ to see how actively Huckabee has been working to get conservative value candidates elected. He currently has a poll in his blog link asking what we feel are some of the most important issues. He has asked our advice on why we are losing seats in formerly safe red areas to the Dems. We have an army of supporters and are looking to enlist more recruits at http://forum.hucksarmy.com/.

Some of us Huckabee supporters are fighting hard for McCain to choose Huckabee as his VP to “Save 08”. If you agree with our cause and have the backbone to stand up and fight the Washington elitist; come join our special forces at http://save08.org/ . Read how each one of us can make a difference by working on the area right in front of us like Nehemiah. If you decide to join up; please tell them you were recruited by Granny T.

Thank you to all my friends and fellow soldiers at Huck’s Army that helped me with this blog article.

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Reagan’s 4 legged elephant landslide victory

Reagan was the best thing that happened to America in my lifetime. We are still reaping benefits from Reaganomics. McCain has been good at supporting laws against wasteful spending. He explained that his reason for being against the tax cuts was because controlling spending was not included in it. So, McCain is pretty good on that leg. McCain strongest leg is his military background and support of military strength. Moral values or social conservatism is the leg many values voters believe McCain is weakest on.

Reagan’s landslide win was due to his standing on the 4th leg of his elephant. He was a populist that believed “we the people” are the boss. He was against corporate greed and believed people should be paid decent wages. Reagan was able to woo moderate to conservative Democrats because of his strong moral values and populist attitude. Bush was also able to win by standing on those same 4 legs using his “passionate conservatism” form of populism. The difference between the two is Bush hasn’t been a hawk on excessive spending like he should have been.

People don’t have to buy into the global warming theory to want to have clean air or to try to find other forms of energy. We need to be able to be energy independent. Most Republicans realize we can drill new wells and build new refineries “environmentally friendly.” Huckabee could help in communicating that message. The more I study the Fair Tax; the more I like it. If Huckabee has the communication skills many of us believe he has; he might get the Fair Tax sold to McCain, the people, and Congress.

Obama is further to the left than any Democrat I can remember. I have had several Independents and Democrats tell me that if Huckabee is chosen as VP they will vote for McCain. My dad is one of those, “I was born a Democrat and I’ll die a Democrat.” Obama scares him. He is seriously thinking of voting for McCain if he chooses Huckabee; because of Huckabee’s pro-union populist stand. Both McCain and Huckabee have a history of reaching across party lines. If my diehard Democrat dad will vote for McCain if Huckabee is on the ticket; there is hope for others. We might be able to “save 08” after all; because I believe McCain/Huckabee can win because of America’s history. If McCain is smart enough to choose Huckabee; we might even see that landslide victory again.

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