“Kicking” Some “Tires” During Elections

McCain reminds me of an old 9 passenger station wagon we used to own. We could count on it to get us where we needed to go and had room to take others with us. McCain has a record of getting things done and including those from other parties to go along. But, like our old station wagon; McCain is getting older and doesn’t look quite as nice. Although I’m pretty sure he’s got a quite a few miles left; he still needs to choose a good VP as his backup. Rasmussen’s recent poll says the 3 top choices are Huckabee, Lieberman, and Romney.
Read: “Huckabee, Lieberman Have Highest Favorables among Possible McCain Veep Choices”

Lieberman is a Democrat; so as a VP for the GOP, I’d consider him a “foreign” model and would walk on by.  (Way too many years with family members earning their livings by working in factories to buy foreign!)

Romney reminds me of a slick sports car that during the primaries I figuratively “took for a test drive” by doing some research. The records showed the “transmission was slipping” because of some liberal stands on moral values. The “engine was knocking” due to “extremely slow job growth compared to the rest of the country.” The “mechanics” said they fixed the problems; but can I be sure? It’s obvious that Romneycare is still causing it to “burn lots of oil.”
Read: “The Failure of Romneycare Further Demonstrates Romney not an “Economic Conservative.”

Huckabee reminds me of my minivan. It’s a lot like our old station wagon; but a slightly updated model. Like McCain, Huckabee worked really hard and was willing to put partisanship aside to get things done as economically as possible.  He also worked hard for equality of minorities.

I’m sold on McCain/Huckabee; because I sure can’t afford that brand new Obama model SUV! He not only wants us to make the car payments and supply the gas; he also expects us to provide room and board for everyone he decides to give a free ride.

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Get More for Your Buck With Huck

Dear Sen. McCain,

I am enclosing a check for $1.00 toward your campaign; promising you will “get more for your buck with Huck.” Because, I will buy my own yard signs, bumper stickers, T-shirts, etc. plus volunteer my service to help you get elected, and send as much money as possible on our fixed income, if you choose Mike Huckabee as your VP running mate. (Many others have said they will do the same.)

I also have a suggestion for a campaign slogan, “American’s Future Looks Great with McCain/Huckabee ’08.” You and Gov. Huckabee both have a reputation of reaching across party aisles to get things done fiscally responsibly. You are both “Leader[s] We Can Believe In” that can lead us to reuniting our country and restoring America’s good name.

Remember the old saying, “A stitch in time saves 9”? Here is a suggestion for a McCain/Huckabee campaign issue: “Conservative Principles through Conservation by Restoring America’s Foundation.” This can be accomplished by promoting America’s self reliance [food, energy, and defense], capitalism [pursuing the American Dream through hard work and personal responsibility rather than being enslaved in poverty by entitlements], restoring and rebuilding our infrastructure, restoring the godly moral values our country was founded on, promoting education rather than entitlements or incarcerations, etc.

You can concentrate on the things you’re best at; such as restoring the military and their reputation. Huckabee can concentrate on restoring the godly moral values and self-government our country was founded on. It can’t survive under the immoral socialist governmental control promoted by Obama. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” You and Huckabee can work together on restoring our energy independence, infrastructure, capitalism, personal responsibility toward self support and health, stop taxing productivity and rewarding underachieving, etc. McCain/Huckabee can be the GOP’s “Dream Team” as soon as Huckabee’s true fiscal record is revealed; because Huckabee has the chief executive experience you’re lacking. Huckabee can excite the evangelicals, blacks, and youth voters, and can call to active duty his volunteer army [hucksarmy.com] of grassroots supporters that can “enlist” new recruits by exciting the base to combat Obamamania, and bringing more voters willing to vote for the McCain/Huckabee ticket.

The most important thing to me is the godly moral values I hold dear. If I vote my Bible; God will take care of my wallet. Please still choose a consistent moral values conservative as your VP even if you don’t choose Gov. Huckabee. Let the voters choose the “changes” we want by giving us a clear choice between an immoral socialist government histories have proven doesn’t work or returning to morality and self-government capitalism America has proven does work.

Remember, there are a lot more average Americans than there are wealthy elitist. Please be the “maverick” you have the reputation of being by going against the GOP elitist and taking the McCain/Huckabee message to “we the people.” With your leadership, “we the people” can win! Our future depends on it. Thank you for your time and your service to America.


Granny T

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