“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

The Democrats are working hard for an Obama presidency with a filibuster-proof Congress. According to an article I read recently; the last time there was a president serving with a filibuster-proof Congressional majority was in 1977. [The Carter Administration]

Although I don’t usually use Wikipedia for reference; since this quote goes along with what I remember – I will use it.

During Carter’s administration, the economy suffered double-digit inflation, coupled with very high interest rates, oil shortages, high unemployment and slow economic growth. Productivity growth in the United States had declined to an average annual rate of 1 percent, compared to 3.2 percent of the 1960s.

In my opinion the scariest similarities between Carter and Obama is this quote (also from the Wikipedia article)

The media discovered and promoted Carter. As Lawrence Shoup noted in his 1980 book The Carter Presidency and Beyond:

“What Carter had that his opponents did not was the acceptance and support of elite sectors of the mass communications media. It was their favorable coverage of Carter and his campaign that gave him an edge, propelling him rocket-like to the top of the opinion polls. This helped Carter win key primary election victories, enabling him to rise from an obscure public figure to President-elect in the short space of 9 months.”

The question is – Have we “learn[ed] from history” or “are [we] doomed to repeat it”?

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  1. Obama’s Redistribution of Wealth/Income video:

    Obama says Constitution is “Deeply Flawed”:

    Here is the most liberal Senator in Congress, alongside the third most-liberal Joe Biden, espousing a socialist viewpoint on redistributing income of workers to folks not paying any income tax (i.e., 50% of the 95% of folks “not rich”, according to Obama’s views); also known as “welfare”.

    Obama is trying to buy the presidency – he is building a coalition of people who don’t pay taxes that want something for free – and he characterizes this as some form of social and economic “justice”; i.e., reparations.

    Obama is a hardened ideologue. He’s not interested in playing around the edges. He seeks “fundamental change,” i.e., to remake society. This is the change he has in mind.

    Is the allure of a charismatic demagogue so strong that the usually sober American people are willing to risk an Obama presidency? And if democrats are able to control both houses of Congress – including a potential filibuster-proof majority…

    Vote for America, vote for McCain/Palin!!!

  2. I recall the Jimmy Carter days well, and he was also my former governor. I think he started out with good itentions who got on the wrong path when he compromised his values, and started leaning to far to the left. Many will recall that Jimmy Carter left the Southern Baptist Convention because he thought they were too conservative. This is really sad as I used to have alot of respect for him.

  3. I recently read an older blog article that others may be interested in. Please read “Barack Obama’s African priority (Global Poverty Act)” http://myviewmytake.wordpress.com/2008/02/19/barack-obamas-african-priority-global-poverty-act/

  4. If the polls are any indication at the moment, perhaps we have indeed learned our lesson for the moment. The thing we have to remember, is that if the Democrats/liberals lose, they also, will remember this loss and take great pains to overcome in the next election. Our vigilance needs to start on November 5th and continue, each and everyday forward.

  5. well.. it’s like I knew!

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