The Latest 2012 GOP Polling Map

34 states have been polled since the midterm elections. Most of them were polled by Public Policy Polling. I included the polls done for Utah by Deserett News/KSL, the more recent poll done for Michigan by Strategic National, and the poll done for Georgia by 20/20 Insight because I’m not surprised at their results – Romney won the polls in Utah and Michigan and Huckabee won the poll in Georgia.

Huckabee has won the most recent polls in 17 states plus tied for 1st in 2 (AK, FL, GA, IA, IL, KY, MO, NC, NE, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, WV plus ties for 1st in NJ and ME)

Romney has won the most recent polls in 10 states plus tied for 1st in 1 (AZ, CA, CO, CT, MA, MI, NH, NV, RI, UT plus tie for 1st in NJ)
Palin has won the most recent polls in 4 states (MT, NM, SD, WA)
Pawlenty has won the most recent polls in 1 state (MN)
Gingrich has won a tie for 1st in 1 state among the most recent polls (ME)

Out of the 34 states that have been polled since the midterms – Huckabee has won 17 states (one half of all the states that have been polled) PLUS he’s tied for 1st place in two additional states.

This weekend PPP is supposed to be polling Michigan and North Carolina again. Whether or not Romney and Huckabee will be able to hold on to their leads in those states remains to be seen.

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Who will prevail – special interest groups or the tax payers?

Money is power. How much money do special interest groups contribute to political parties? Do they receive power for their money? From what I’ve heard in the media over the years; Republicans owe their power to special interest groups – you know the most notorious ones – pharmaceutics companies, big business, financial institutions, NRA, etc. I stumbled on a very informative website while looking for some of that information. If you haven’t seen yet – be sure to check it out.

Are Republicans really the ones that profit most from special interest groups? Let’s see what Open Secrets has to say. Who does Open Secrets term the “Top 10 Heavy Hitters” and how much did they contribute? Which Which political party received the most of the contributions from those “top 10 heavy hitters”? The info in brackets is from their page titled Top All-Time Donors, 1989-2010 – which also gives you information on other special interest groups – more than just the top 10. For even more info from Open Secrets – click on the links to see how it was split up and which specific politicians received the most money from them.

Top 10 Heavy Hitters:

ActBlue $51,124,846 [Democrats 99% Republicans 0%]

AT&T Inc $46,292,670 [Democrats 44% Republicans 55%]

*American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees $43,477,361 [Democrats 98% Republicans 1%]

National Assn of Realtors $38,721,441 [Democrats 49% Republicans 50%]

Goldman Sachs $33,387,252 [Democrats 61% Republicans 37%]

American Assn for Justice $33,143,279 [Democrats 90% Republicans 8%]

*Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $33,056,216 [Democrats 97% Republicans 2%]

*National Education Assn $32,024,610 [Democrat 93% Republicans 6%]

*Laborers Union $30,292,050 [Democrats 92% Republicans 7%]

*Teamsters Union $29,319,982 [Democrats 93% Republicans 6%]

Note: the asterisks were inserted by me to mark union contributions.

Did you notice that exactly 1/2 of the “top 10 heavy hitters” are unions? Is anyone surprised that Democrat power spokesmen Jesse Jackson showed up in Madison, Michael Moore declared war and even President Obama weighed in to help protect their own interest (money and power)?

Maybe Scott Walker and the Republicans have a right to fight for the tax payers (as well as themselves) rather than giving in to the special interest groups.

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