Whose Job is it This Child to Raise?

Mom was a poet. She always said, “Look what God gave me” when sharing them. Today I get to say, “Look what God gave me.” He and I wrote this yesterday.

Whose job is it this child to raise
To be an adult worthy of praise?
God’s plan is for the parents to train
And teach the child to use his brain.
The tools required are more than just a tongue
And must be started when the child is young.
We need to teach him from God’s Word
And pray he listens to what he’s heard.
We’re told to spank them when they disobey
That is showing love the Bible’s way.
We must teach them to behave and share.
The problem comes when parents don’t care.
Don’t plan to send them off to schools
Expecting teachers to teach the rules.
The teachers’ duty is to reinforce
The lessons begun in the parents’ course.
How your child turns out along the way
Depends on what you do today.

I am so thankful I had a godly mother that taught me to love God’s Word.

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