Mike Huckabee’s newest book, “A Simple Government”

February 22, is not only my birthday – it is also the release date for Mike Huckabee’s newest book: A Simple Government: Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and a Trillion That We Don’t!) Today I was part of “an exclusive on-the-record interview conference call” with former Governor/ former (and hopefully future) Presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee discussing his new book.

I support Mike Huckabee – because his views come closer to mine than any other political candidate I’ve found.  I believe we need a Republican Presidential nominee that is willing to stand strongly on all three legs of the Republican platform: social, fiscal, and defense.  Listening to Mike Huckabee on that conference call today convinced me even more that he is the one I want leading America.

Here are some reasons why – just from the conference call today:

  • He was prompt.  The call was supposed to start at 3:15 Eastern and it started at 3:15 Eastern.
  • He realizes you can’t talk about the economy without talking about the family.
  • He realizes that a great deal of our problem with the economy is because of failed families.
  • He realizes the differences between the family’s responsibilities and the government’s.
  • He realizes that if people would give “one dime on every dollar they make” to their own churches we wouldn’t need government programs and explained how the church he attended in Arkansas helped provide children with food for the weekend.
  • He realizes there shouldn’t be a “disconnect between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives.”   “All SoCons are FiCons – but not all FiCons are SoCons” and voting records prove it.
  • He realizes our founders expected our Government to be administered as locally as possible and would be willing to get rid of the Department of Education so that could be more possible.
  • He realizes that “education is the ticket out of the hole” that can turn tax takers into tax payers.
  • He realizes the “common opponent is Barack Obama and not each other.”
  • He realizes it is troubling that we are fighting these wars with guards and reserves that aren’t complaining because they are good soldiers.  “We’ve worn them out.”  They were supposed to be here to help at home.

You can read an excerpt from the first chapter of Mike Huckabee’s book by clicking here.


Here is a link for a map of where you can get Mike Huckabee to autograph your copy of his new book and a link with a list of places he will be on tour and/or places where you can order it.

I haven’t received my copy of his book yet; but will be getting my birthday gift autographed at the book signing in Dubuque this weekend.

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Whose Job is it This Child to Raise?

Mom was a poet. She always said, “Look what God gave me” when sharing them. Today I get to say, “Look what God gave me.” He and I wrote this yesterday.

Whose job is it this child to raise
To be an adult worthy of praise?
God’s plan is for the parents to train
And teach the child to use his brain.
The tools required are more than just a tongue
And must be started when the child is young.
We need to teach him from God’s Word
And pray he listens to what he’s heard.
We’re told to spank them when they disobey
That is showing love the Bible’s way.
We must teach them to behave and share.
The problem comes when parents don’t care.
Don’t plan to send them off to schools
Expecting teachers to teach the rules.
The teachers’ duty is to reinforce
The lessons begun in the parents’ course.
How your child turns out along the way
Depends on what you do today.

I am so thankful I had a godly mother that taught me to love God’s Word.

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